People React To… The British General Election Results


So, the Conservatives have won the UK election, scraping a full majority of elected MPs in the House of Commons. Labour's vote collapsed in Scotland, the Liberal Democrat vote collapsed everywhere, the SNP decidupled their seats in Parliament, and while UKIP made an impact on the vote, they never got enough concentrated in enough spots to elect anywhere near their hoped for MPs.


But know this, if everyone who voted SNP had voted Labour, the Tories would still have won. Though it would have made for an even more entertaining five years to come. For lefties in the UK, your best hope now seems to be that the SNP put candidates into all the UK seats next time, not just Scotland.

But, here's something for the despairing. David Cameron's Conservative Party now has a majority in the House of Commons and can form a Parliament. But their majority is squeaky small. All you need to challenge it is a concerted from the elected Labour, Liberal Democrat, SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs and a small amount of rebellious Tories, to defeat bills. And as byelections come through the Parliament, that Conservative majority will get whittled away over the next five years.

It is also worth pointing out that people mistake policy for practice. For all the current Chancellor of the Exchequer boasted about making cuts, he actually made a lot less than you might expect. Reality gets in the way of rhetoric, whatever your ideology.


But for now, once again, people discovered that what they see on Twitter, a social media grouping of people they have chosen to follow, will not be reflective of actual reality and is a living example of confirmation bias. As many were discovering today…


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