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Black Knight #5 Booms On eBay
Black Knight #5, the final issue of the series by Si Spurrier and Sergio Davila, was published by Marvel Comics last week, and… odds are it's getting a second printing Why? Because the four buck comic is now selling multiple copies on eBay for $16 with the 1:25 variant cover selling for $50 And it's[...]
X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation Replaces Way Of X in September
Marvel Comics' September 2021 solicitations include a new book by the Way Of X creative team Si Spurrier and Bob Quinn, spinning out of the current series which has seen Nightcrawler explore the religious aspects of mutant life on Krakoa (and today comes up against sexual aspects of that, in a way he finds rather[...]
The Politics of Krakoan Resurrection - Wolverine #12 & Way Of X #2
But the solicitation to The Way Of X #4 by Si Spurrier and Bob Quinn out in July reads; WAY OF X #4 MARVEL COMICS MAY210592 (W) Si Spurrier (A) Bob Quinn (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli KILL NO MAN! (BUT SOME EXCEPTIONS MAY APPLY) •  Nightcrawler must act fast to avoid catastrophe as the laws of Krakoa (and physics) are tested to their[...]
Details For New X-Men Reign of X Status Branding From December
Today is the FOC date for The Way Of X #1, the new X-Men launch title for June 2021, by Si Spurrier and Bob Quinn The last days retailers can increase or decrease their orders of Way Of X #1 without getting penalised, and guaranteeing their order numbers There have been so many teases for[...]
The Way Of X Has Some Wanda Vision To Share
In the Marvel Universe, she is estranged from Krakoa, is currently working as a tutor in the Strange Academy and occasionally fighting alongside The Avengers.  But it appears that the upcoming mutant comic book, The Way Of X, by Si Spurrier and will be tackling this situation on, according to this promo page posted by[...]
Marvel Full May 2021 Solicits - Heroes Reborn
Si Spurrier used to write the Sandman Universe titles The Dreaming and Hellblazer He didn't write Lucifer, that was his drinking buddy Dan Watters But might he have the chance now? Not for DC Comics, but for Marvel? Time for some mindless speculation Here's the solicitation to Way Of X #2 to be published by[...]
King In Black
Six days ago, comic book writer Si Spurrier did an Ask Me Anything AMA session on Reddit for the first time, talking about – well, pretty much anything We learned more about DC Comics' cancellation of Hellblazer which he previously talked about at length. My stupid, colossal f-cking mistake was to assume I was still living[...]
Si Spurrier and Bob Quinn Launch Nightcrawler Comic, Way Of X
Si Spurrier was writing a new X-Men title But it's not Legion; it's Nightcrawler in the new series Way Of X Drawn by Bob Quinn Part of Reign Of X Pronounced Way of Ten? A recent writer on Hellblazer, until that was from its mother's womb untimely ripped, and former Bleeding Cool contributor, Si Spurrier is[...]
Si Spurrier and
Following January's King In Black: Black Knight one-shot in January (previewed here and here), writer Si Spurrier will launch a new series Black Knight: Curse Of The Ebony Blade Ahead of the character's appearance in the upcoming The Eternals movie played by Kit Harington, it will also see Wonder Woman artist Sergio Dávila, making his[...]
Si Spurrier and Frazer Irving's Gutsville Returns From Image Comics?
Gutsville was a comic book created by Si Spurrier and Frazer Irving, published by Image Comics, back in 2007 An intended six-issue series, it took a year to publish the first three issues then came to a stop The creative team had worked together on From Grace and The Simping Detective at 2000AD, Spurrier had[...]
BOOM! Announces Alienated from Si Spurrier and Chris Wildgoose at NYCC
British comics writer, columnist, novelist, former cook, bookseller, and BBC art director, Si Spurrier was teasing something earlier today Something for 5pm GMT Which was twenty minutes ago. 5pm, GMT. Pay close attention. — Simon "Si Spurrier" Spurrier (@sispurrier) November 25, 2020 Well, it looks like he is a new Xbooks creator for Marvel Comics in 2021 As the[...]
Hellblazer and Si Spurrier On Quoting Boris Johnson
This week saw the release of the penultimate issue of Hellblazer #11 by Si Spurrier, Aaron Campbell and Jordie Bellaire And it also features in passing, The Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, better known as Boris. Both in person and be allusion. Si Spurrier On Quoting Prime Minister Boris[...]
Four Page Preview Of King In Black #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman
It's Black Knight time! Si Spurrier is currently gloriously desecrating the hallowed halls of Great Britain with an Arthurian bent where even the demons are in rebellion at the grotesqueness of it all, in Hellblazer for DC Comics But DC has decided that they don't want any of that any more… so maybe Si Spurrier[...]