First Look at Power Rangers Spring Break in Go Go Power Rangers: Back to School Special

BOOM! Studios has released a preview of Saban's Go Go Power Rangers: Back to School #1, an oversized oneshot written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Jim Towe, Derek Charm, Jordan Gibson, Xiao Tong Kong, and Ilaria Catalani. In the comic, the Power Rangers get a "Spring Break," but rather than imbibing large amounts of alcohol and getting arrested in Mexico, instead, each Power Ranger will take a separate vacation and "these teenagers with attitude discover that being a hero doesn't alway mean having to morph."And perhaps, on the journey, they'll find answers to the most important question of all: why is a spring break themed comic hitting stores in September?

That's a topic BOOM! Senior Editor Dafna Pleban didn't address in the press release:

This is your first chance to see the heart, joy and surprises that Marguerite Bennett will bring to the world of Power Rangers in September before she takes the reins of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Along with an incredible team of artists, we're going to get to see the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers dealing with one of their greatest challenges yet – taking a break from saving the world.

Hitting stores on September 19th, Saban's Go Go Power Rangers: Back to School #1 will feature covers by Dan Mora, Gurihiru, and Jonboy Meyers. Check out the preview below.

Publisher : BOOM! Studios
Retail Price : $7.99
Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Ilaria Catalani, Derek Charm, Jordan Gibson, Xiao Tong Kong, Jim Towe, Jon Lam
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Dan Mora
Incentive Cover 1: Gurihiru
Incentive Cover 2: Jonboy Meyers
– It's Spring Break for the Rangers, and the first time since they received their Power Coins that the Rangers will be apart. As they each embark on their own week-long vacation, these teenagers with attitude discover that being a hero doesn't alway mean having to morph!
– Award-nominated Marguerite Bennett ( Batwoman, Animosity) teams up with fan-favorite artists Jim Towe ( Youngblood), Derek Char m ( Star Wars: Adventures, Powerpuff Girls), Jordan Gibson ( The Amazing Spider-Man ), Xiao Tong Kong ( Adventure Time Comics) and Ilaria Catalani ( Rugrats: R is for Reptar) to present a new look at the Power Rangers.

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