PrintWatch: Amazing Spider-Man #26 Gets Spoiler Second Printing

PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is putting Amazing Spider-Man #25 & #26 back for second printings, though #26 hasn't had its first printing yet.

PrintWatch: Marvel Comics is not only putting a bunch of comic books back to second printings, but almost all of them come with a 1:25 or 1:50 variant to the second printing. Which isn't a third printing, that's something different. And we start with Amazing Spider-Man #25 & #26 – the latter of which has a first print yet to come out, it's scheduled for the end of the month… not that they are revealing what the spoiler cover for Amazing Spider-Man #26, we can make a pretty good spoilery guess.  Looks like Gary Frank will be drawing this particular Amazing Spider-Man #26 1:50 spoiler variant cover, with Kaare Andrews drawing the standard one. All four variant covers for Amazing Spider-Man #25 and Amazing Spider-Man #26 will be published on the 28th of June, a month after Amazing Spider-Man #26 first printing is published.

PrintWatch: Amazing Spider-Man #26 Gets Spoiler Second Printing

UPC: 75960620200302512
Price: $6.99
FOC Date: 5/29/23 On Sale: 6/28/23

UPC: 75960620200302536
Price: $6.99
FOC Date: 5/29/23 On Sale: 6/28/23

UPC: 75960620200302612
Price: $4.99
FOC Date: 5/29/23 On Sale: 6/28/23

UPC: 75960620200302653
Price: $4.99
FOC Date: 5/29/23 On Sale: 6/28/23

Running a blank black spoiler variant seems to be shutting the stable door after the horse is bolted. Marvel Comics have already run a full press release on what is going down. And it seems to have spurred sales…

And arranging a PR piece with Entertainment Weekly, where they put the spoiler in the headline and visual on the front page. And then putting out a press release on the website. Followed by AIPT, The Direct, Esquire, and more. It was making Bleeding Cool look more like a fussy maiden aunt with our reticence. Okay, fine, no more pushing up the hill on this one. Amazing Spider-Man #26, the fiftieth anniversary of the Death of Gwen Stacy, will feature the death of Kamala Khan, Ms Marvel. The horse has bolted, and while everyone is screaming Ms Chicken Little, there is something that Bleeding Cool previously mentioned but it was buried deep in both articles. So here it goes. Let's headline it.

Zeb Wells, Writer Of Ms Marvel's Death, Also Wrote Her Upcoming Movie

 Zeb Wells is the writer of Amazing Spider-Man, including the death of Ms Marvel.

And he has been for these past few years. He has written the death of Ms Marvel in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #26 and has been working his way up to it for the past year or two.

The Writer Of Ms Marvel's Death Also Wrote Her Upcoming Movie
The Marvels teaser screencap, YouTube

 Zeb Wells is a writer of the upcoming movie, The Marvels, starring Ms Marvel

Alongside Nia DaCosta, Elissa Karasik and Megan McDonnell which features Iman Vellani as Ms Marvel in a lead role. Do you really think that the writer of the movie out in November, will kill the character off permanently back in May?

Marvel Kills Off Major Superhero in Amazing Spider-Man #26 (Spoilers)

In the MCU, Ms Marvel is a mutant. And in the comics, mutants come back from the dead.

In the TV series Ms Marvel, it was revealed that she was a mutant, the first mutant so named in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the comics, she is an Inhuman, a vestigial plot point from when Marvel editorial was pushing Inhumans books to prop a film that never happened. It would be so much easier if it were somehow revealed that Kamala Khan was a mutant in the comics as well as on the big screen.

This is just speculation, but yes, in the Marvel Universe, the X-Men have found a way to bring themselves back from the dead, known as the Krakoan resurrection protocols. Part of the House Of X storyline that has taken in all the main mutant comic books at Marvel.

The Writer Of Ms Marvel's Death Also Wrote Her Upcoming Movie
Hellions #7

Zeb Wells also wrote X-Men comics that dealt with resurrection.

Hellions, he wrote Hellions, one of the first wave of House Of X comic books, showrun by Jonathan Hickman, set in and around the mutant nation of Krakoa that had solved death for mutants.

Maybe Kamala Khan could be resurrected by the Krakoan resurrection protocols like any other mutant? Or resurrected as an Inhuman and turned into a mutant? And that the Classified four-issue comic book series planned for August will see her return as a mutant character, with the fourth issue published in November alongside the movie. The Mutant Misadventures Of Ms Marvel maybe? Now this is all speculation, I know.

But it does indicate that there is, at least, a plan here. And Marvel hasn't just killed off their first Muslim or Pakistani-American superhero lead character with a TV show and movie spinoff on a whim. There are other things going on. And Zeb Wells has been planning this for a long time.

Also, note that Ms Marvel's co-creator G Willow Wilson and later writer Saladin Ahmed are contributing to Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms Marvel as are Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos who told her stories in The Champions. They probably know what's going on as well. and are just as invested in seeing Ms Marvel get what is due her…

Entertainment Weekly Spoils Amazing Spider-Man #26 Death In Headline

The question also to ask might be, how did the comic book leak this early? Leaks usually come the weekend before publication, it is possible to get a leak the week before the book is on sale. But two weeks? That's long before comics have gotten to comic book stores, and before they could have gotten to distributors too. Could the leak have come from inside Marvel Comics itself? But in that case, why do the photos look so terrible? We may have an answer for that too…

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