'Punchline Should Be The Devil' – James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez's Designs on Joker's New Girlfriend

Copies of Batman #89, out this Wednesday, has already sold copies on eBay for $35 raw and $130 in CGC 9.8. And all because it has the first appearance of Punchline, the Joker's new girlfriend. James Tynion IV took to his mailing list and shared his original description to Joker War artist Jorge Jimenez, and the design he got back…

'Punchline Should Be The Devil' - James Tynion IV's Original Description and Jorge Jimenez's Designs


This is a fun one, and I think could have the potential to be a real breakout character if we handle her correctly.

She is, essentially, Joker's new girlfriend. And she is Harley Quinn's polar opposite.  She is Joker's #2… A silent, terrifying serial killer, sexy as hell. All of his henchmen are terrified of her and they should be. Imagine Joker being Joker and torturing a hostage, and then he gets tired and sighs, handing the scalpel to Punchline, who slits their throat.

We don't want to base her costume off either Joker or Harley's too much (we want equity – so she can't come off as derivative), but there should be a bit of a clown component to her. Maybe she has a porcelain mask, but that might be too cheesy. We don't want her to just be anti-Harley Quinn, and we don't just want her to be female joker. We don't want to evoke The Batman Who Laughs or the Dark Multiverse with somebody who looks like she steps out of Hellraiser.

When she smiles, it's scary. It's not a toothy smile, it's a closed mouth grin. She is a sadist. She enjoys killing people. She is talented at killing people. The Joker calls her the funniest person he's ever met in his life. She is a physical character, and she should be sexy. Sexy in a slinkier, darker way than Harley, who is all pep and energy.

I think her primary weapon should be her knives and her fists. I see her colors being purple and black.

Like in the f-cked up Archie Comics where The Joker is Archie, and Harley Quinn is Betty, then Punchline is Veronica. If Harley is the Angel on The Joker's shoulder, Punchline should be the devil.

And the design he got back…

'Punchline Should Be The Devil' - James Tynion IV's Original Description and Jorge Jimenez's Designs

Good luck out there on Wednesday.

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