Reaction to Batman #50 BatWedding Spoilers Spills Out Across Social Media

If you want a hope of avoiding Batman #50 spoilers, get offline. Bleeding Cool ran a few teasers, but The New York Times went for the jugular, including in the headline.

Bleeding Cool also had access to Batman #50 but had not been asked to embargo any coverage. Nevertheless, we are committed to preserving spoilers from those who want to avoid them. And it is possible — hell, I avoided all Last Jedi spoilers for three months until I got to see it with my daughters. It can be done. To that end, no spoilers in the headline, front page visual, social media link and the like. That's standard practice here. And we never break anything we have been embargoed on.

But today The New York Times gave a very detailed spoiler on the issue, including in the headline and on social media that it seems has been very hard for people to avoid.

Can we run social media reaction without running spoilers? Let's give it a go. But if you are in any way nervous, turn back now…

And some are rather upset at what they may have discovered.

Though some have their own narrative…

But I am going to say one thing. Whether you have been spoiled or not, there is something else in this comic which transforms it rather and rewards those who have been reading the current run by Tom King and friends. So do, at least keep that in mind.

No, no, I'm not spoiling that. Not yet, anyway.

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