A Comic Show – Moon Knight Is Hawkeye For Crazy People!

By Aaron Haaland


Aaron Haaland, owner of A Comic Shop in Orlando Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom! I'm back with new comics now, it's A Comic Show! This week there's a bunch of All New Marvel Now, Forever Evil, and some Mark Millar and other creator owned books.

All New Marvel Now is more hits than misses for me. I straight up loved Warren Ellis' Moon Knight! It's Hawkeye for crazy people! Magento was a good start with Bunn (Sixth Gun). She-Hulk #2 was just as fun as the first, and issue #3 is DOOM! Edmonson's Punisher has won me over, while New Warriors hasn't yet (though I'm still routing for those underdogs). And All New Wolverine and the X-Men by Jason Latour continued the magic started by Jason Aaron, with my favorites in center stage: Quentin, Fantomex, and Evan.

Over at DC it's all about Forever Evil #6! There are major developments for almost everything: Dick, the Hooded Man, the CSA, Firestorm, etc. This issue was non-stop awesome!

In the Millarverse we have the start of the shared universe with Starlight. It's basically about a washed up Flash Gordon, and if he has what it takes to have a second career. I'm a fan of Millar and am interested in the second stage of his career. Beyond that I suggest trying Quantum & Woody: Goat #0 for the lols. I remember to tell people about the Walking Dead volume 20, but forget to mention Dark Horse's Veil #1 by Rucka. I'll cover that book next week. I do review several other titles, but you'll have to watch the video to find out what.

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