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Has DC Comics Just Created Its Very Own Rick And Morty?
Today sees the publication of Year Of The Villain: Lex Luthor #1 from Jason Latour and Bryan Hitch, that sees the Apex Lex Luthor travelling the multiverse collecting other Lex Luthors along the way And one in particular, a young version of Lex Luthor in a Smallville-like environment, with a dead drunk father Who Apex[...]
The Daily LITG, 29th August 2019,
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 13 most-read stories yesterday Justice League Theatrical Cut Was So Bad It Made Zack Snyder's Cinematographer Cry DC's Legion Skin Colour Change Between Original and Reprinted Superman #14, Out Today Could This Star Wars Theory About Emperor Palpatine Be True? Naomi Arrives Early to Meet the Rest of[...]
Comic Book Wins and Losses, Week of May 9th, 2018: No Justice for Deadpool
The comic continues to focus on the relationship between Eddie and Venom, and we meet a possible symbiote "god," which seems like a promising new antagonist. Southern Bastards #20 cover by Jason Latour 5. Southern Bastards #20 The final issue in this arc of Southern Bastards rounds out the winners list. Jason Aaron and Jason Latour bring about a brutal and vicious comic about a[...]
Southern Bastards #20 cover by Jason Latour
What follows is a brutal and blood-soaked duel between the three Craw County residents. Southern Bastards #20 cover by Jason Latour Southern Bastards #20 is an extended struggle between these three characters as they try to kill one another It's never established exactly why Boone or Roberta doesn't let the other kill Boss, but personal satisfaction seems[...]
Jason Latour, Chip Zdarsky, And Ryan North Critically Analyze Looney Tunes In Free Comic
Spider-Gwen co-creator Jason Latour has released a free two page comic detailing a conversation between himself, Squirrel Girl writer Ryan North, and Spider-Man writer Chip Zdarsky examining the motivations behind Looney Tunes characters Called "Porky Pig vs Ryan North," the two page comic is touted as "a true enough story." Click on the images in the tweet[...]
Thought Bubble Anthology 2017 Features Jason Aaron, Jen Bartel, Cecil Castellucci, Brandon Graham, Jody Houser, Jason Latour, Emi Lenox, Simon Roy, Marley Zarcone (VISUAL UPDATE)
And creators in attendance – or at least contributing to the anthology -include Jason Aaron, Jen Bartel, Cecil Castellucci, Brandon Graham, Jody Houser, Jason Latour, Emi Lenox, Simon Roy, Marley Zarcone, and many more. All profits from the anthology will go to the children's charity Barnardos. The sixth Thought Bubble Anthology is being rush solicited through[...]
Gwenom At Last In Marvel Legacy Spider-Gwen By Jason Latour And Robbi Rodriguez
Stock up on black fabric, tongue props, and fake slobber, cosplayers, because the Venom symbiote may merge with Spider-Gwen for good in Marvel Legacy! Marvel is rolling out some of their solicits for Marvel Legacy again today, and the first one comes via an interview with Jason Latour on Newsarama It looks like we're finally getting[...]
Loose Ends TPB Review: Loose Ends, Tight Story
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Collage of Loose Ends covers #1-#4; Image Comics In the afterword of the Loose Ends, writer Jason Latour reflects on the 10 years it took to make this comic happen — and that decade of work shows on every page and in every panel. The four-issue Image crime series finds its way to shelves in trade[...]
NYCC '15: Artists Discuss Process At The Image Comics: Where Creators Own Craft Panel
By Madeline Ricchiuto Jason Latour, Bob Fingerman, Wes Craig, Matt Wilson, and Shane Davis held the Image: Where Creators Own Craft panel on Sunday at NYCC 2015 Matt Wilson talked about his coloring process, Bob Fingerman discussed his overlapped-lettering choices as well as the coloring on Minimum Wage, Shane Davis discussed his art on Axcend and the[...]
Southern Bastards Picked Up For FX TV Series
The comic Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour, much loved around these parts and published by Image Comics is to be developed as a TV series for US channel FX. Deadline reports that it, amongst other projects, has been picked up by Scott Rudin Productions, who have just opened offices on the Fox lot. Aaron[...]