A Comic Show – Tokyo Ghost To Disappearing DC's

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom! I'm back with another A Comic Show, but first I warn everyone of the massive new comic week coming October 7th. (But whatever you do, make sure to get BKV and Cliff Chiang's Papergirl's #1 that week).

Toyko Ghost by Remender and Sean Murphy is like what if Idiocracy was set in Japan, well kinda. I mean, it's not really, but it is a dystopian media saturated future. Sex Criminals #12 has another "XXX" bagged variant cover that I unveil in the video. Rat Queens and Beauty were both great, Birthright volume 2 is here, and Fade Out #9 is the best issue of the series yet.

Star Wars #9 and Lando #4 had me feel like a little kid at the theater again. And Captain America White #1 finally thawed, and it was almost worth the wait. All joking aside I really did enjoy it.

Over at DC we celebrate the release of Batman: Endgame, and then lament the the recent cancellations of new titles. I think after the food poisoning that was Convergence, DC shouldn't be so surprised that poisoned fans weren't hungry for all these new titles yet. People needed a little longer for their appetite to come back, and the 12 issue guarantees would have gone a long way with that. It also seems like DC is so used to retconning their universe, they think they can retcon this one by pretending some of these new titles were six issue mini-series from the start.

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