Amazon "Reviewing Options" On TWC TV Series Amid Weinstein Scandal

amazon twc series weinstein

As allegations of rape and sexual assault dating back for years continue to mount by the hour against movie executive Harvey Weinstein, Amazon is examining how to part ways with The Weinstein Company (TWC) and how that will impact two upcoming, high-profile series: Matthew Weiner's (Mad Men) The Romanoffs; and David O.Russell's (Three Kings) untitled drama starring Robert De Niro (Raging Bull) and Julianne Moore (Safe).

"We are reviewing our options for the projects we have with the Weinstein Co."

Craig Berman, VP communications at Amazon Entertainment

While the accusations against Weinstein detailed in investigative reports published by both The New York Times and The New Yorker should be more than enough for Amazon to cut ties with the movie executive, these two series are proving particularly problematic for the streaming service. Many look at the close relationship between Amazon Studios head Roy Price and Weinstein as the reason for Amazon green-lighting both big money projects: The Romanoffs is an eight-episode deal at a cost of $70 million; and Russell's series is a two-season deal with a price tag of $160 million.

amazon twc series weinstein

So far, TWC's involvement in both series has been minimal. Though signed on to co-finance both series, the company has yet to come trough with any funding yet. Currently in production, The Romanoffs has been paid for solely by Amazon Studios, so there wouldn't be a matter of financial investment/ownership on that level from TWC.

Russell's DeNiro/Moore series is a bigger question mark for the streaming giant, as production isn't set to begin any time soon and Amazon has only signed on for domestic distribution rights (while TWC was expected to shop the international distribution rights to other outlets). Because Russell's series is still in its infancy stages, there's been growing buzz around Amazon walking away from the series entirely; though no decisions have been made, and Amazon is keeping all options open and available to them.

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