America Gets In Invaded In New Red Dawn Clip

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool

While the notion of the US successfully getting invaded is at least a touch unrealistic in this day and age, the notion of the US successfully getting invaded by North Korea is fully absurd. But they do seem to be the international bogeymen and I suppose Iran and China might just get people a little too touchy.

Hence this new clip from the remake of Red Dawn shows North Korean forces invading suburban America.

It's only a small clip, here with thanks to Ain't It Cool, but I seriously hope the films spends a little bit of time actually showing the invasion. This excerpt didn't given themmuch time to develop the 'big reveal' before things got inexplicably explodey and Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck are speeding away in their pick up truck.

It's only a clip though. The rest could be fantastic. Could be