Brian Bendis To Leave The Avengers In 2012

Brian Bendis To Leave The Avengers In 2012

In 2004, he Disassembled them. He Reassembled them. He House Of M'd them. He saw them through a Civil War, A Secret Invasion, a Dark Reign, A Seige and Fear Itself. He also made them talk a lot, sat at a table, often interrupting each other.

He also put Spider-Man and Wolverine in the team – and that's a story in itself, for another day.

And now, in 2012, Brian Bendis is stepping down from the books.

Oh, he's letting them go out in style of course, with a big Norman Osborn H.A.M.M.E.R. conflict with Hydra, The Hand and A.I.M on side, but this is it, He is quoted by Comic Book Resources as saying;

"I'm going to wrap up Avengers and New Avengers. At the same time the first storyline of Avengers Assemble will be done. It's a good time to move on to other things. Before I go, though, I'm ending things big. I'm in countdown mode. You know when you're watching a show like 'Breaking Bad,' and every episode feels like the second to last episode? That's where I'm at. I've been on the Avengers longer than anybody in the history of the book. When you take everything into account, I've written over 200 issues. I'm very, very proud of that, and what we have coming up this summer gives me the opportunity to go out on a high note. I know enough about showbiz to know that's a great time to go."

Some will mourn. Some will celebrate. Brian Bendis might possibly get some rest.

But with the movie coming out, it's probably good to go out on a high…

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