Ch-Ch-Changes: Marvel's Young Heroes Will Be A Little Late To The Party In Secret Empire: Uprising

Want to know what the problem is with kids these days? No? Well, like all annoying old people who should be put out of their misery, we're going to tell you anyway: young superheroes these days don't understand the value of punctuality.

In Marvel's Secret Empire, Steve Rogers and Hydra have taken over the United States, and the heroes of the world are on the defensive. Enter Natasha Romanov, The Black Widow, who gathers some of Earth's newest heroes to take on Rogers: Miles Morales (Spider-Man), Joaquin Torres (The Falcon), Amadeus Cho (The Hulk), Riri Williams (Ironheart), Nadia Pym (The Wasp), and Viv (the daughter of The Vision). While these heroes may have what it takes to fight fascism during Marvel's super-mega-crossover event, it looks like none of them bothered to set an alarm on their smartphones, because their one-shot tie-in, Secret Empire: Uprising, will now come out in June, according to an interview with author Derek Landy on mighty Marvel media partner CBR, though it was originally solicited, and still listed on PreviewsWorld, for May 31.

It's unknown at this time how far into June the five dollar one-shot, which is called "pivotal" and "crucial" in bridging the gap between Secret Empire #3 and Secret Empire #4, will be pushed back. However, CBR does have an EXCLUSIVE variant cover by Meghan Hetrick, which we've happily liberated for you below.

When Nazi-like agents have taken over the Marvel Universe, you can count on Marvel's young heroes to save the day… just don't count on them to do it on your schedule, buster! Secret Empire: Uprising features art be J. Cassara, is 30 pages long, costs five bucks, and is now out sometime in June.


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