Dan Panosian Vs. Benjamin Sparks

Dan Panosian posted on Facebook,

This guy, Benjamin Spark, has placed my Danger Girl cover over Darwyn Cooke's panels and is calling it fine art… I love that he had the nerve to sign his name to this…

10363337_476472485820821_5025198965350264778_n (1)

And a few industry friends backed him up,

Richard Friend what is wrong with people today….seriously…I do NOT get what the fuck is going on? What's funny or sad about this shit…is there will be people who will defend this and say "well he did a remix, or his idea was to combine the two…"

J Scott Campbell What an A-Hole! And for the idiots giving this guy top dollar when the inconsistency of style is so blatantly apparent should be knocked in the head too.

Michael A. Baron Let's go to his house and beat him up!

This does kind of seem to be French/Belgian artist Benjamin Sparks' stock in trade


So Dan took to Benjamin's board. And brought a few friends with him, it seems…

Dan Panosian I don't understand how you can sign your name and not mine and Darwyn Cooke's? You placed my work over Darwyn Cooke's art and signed your name? How is that fair?

Josh Haber Dan, Dan, Dan… clearly you're not seeing the spray paint streaks. THAT'S the part he's signing. Personally, this makes me glad because I look at it and go, "Holy shit! I could do that!" Whereas normally I look at your work, Dan, and think, "Whelp, I can't do that." But this, copying other people's stuff and spray painting the fuck out of them, THAT I can do.

Naomi 'West' Jeys Hopefully he doesn't plan to make any profit on this, because that would be an unwise choice.

Melissa Redman Oh shit I could have been ripping you off all this time, damn! This guy is a tool!!!!

Raphaël Kan J Waw, Applauses, you' ve learn how to use the crop tool ! Better if you try it with your own works.

Ernesto Figueroa This is just pathetic . Using other peoples work as your own

Denis Goulet Naomi, think again. I think he DOES sell them. Dan, I'd sue him if I were you.

Alex Neal Hack

Gerardo Zaffino Pretty smooth, Benji… You managed not only to rip off a respected artist, but you also managed to rip off a respected artist that can tear your heart out and make you eat it while you're still alive. Good luck with that.

Fred Dailey Wow. Benjamin SPaRK…you are Grade A Douche Bad & Thief.

Daniel Cooney Why don't you try to create your OWN work and stop stealing from other artists you unoriginal fuck. You should be ashamed.

Matt Triano Hey cockwit – take this collection of swipes with some lines overtop to the bathroom, shit on it, then light yourself on fire in the tub.

I'm not sure how well all that translates but I'm sure he'll get the jist…

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