DC Comics And Archie To Publish Crossovers In 2017

Both DC Comics and Archie Comics are rather easy when it comes to doing crossovers of late. Basically they're anyones as long as you're not Marvel.

We've had Archie Vs Predator, Archie Meets The Ramones, Archie/KISS, Green Lantern/Planet Of The Apes, Green Lantern/Star Trek, Batman/TMNT, Bionic Woman/Wonder Woman 77, Batman Meets Steed And Mrs Peel, Gotham Academy/Lumberjanes, there's a lot of coupling going on.

But DC Comics and Archie haven't been hooking up much. Just an Archie/Tiny Titans to their name courtesy of Art Baltazar and Franco (pictured below)

Expect that to change in 2017. As Riverdale gets its own teen drama on CW, alongside 4 DC TV series, so Archie and DC Comics are going to crossover in the comics. Who meets who, I have no idea.

But if it works in the comics – who's to say it couldn't work on the small screen as well?

And just as Wonder Woman 77/Bionic Woman gave Andy Mangels a chance to write Wonder Woman without DC Comics' objections, could DC/Archie give Mark Waid a chance to write a Superman/Archie comic without DC Comics getting involved either?


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