The Unpublished? DC Comics Cancels 'The Unwritten' Book 2

The Unwritten was a DC/Vertigo comic created by Mike Carey and Peter Gross inspired by the son of A.A. Milne, Christopher Milne, who could never escape the legacy of Christopher Robin. The comic followed the life or one Tom Taylor, the inspiration for a series of hugely successful children's fantasy novels in the vein of Harry Potter. The series dealt with themes related to fame, celebrity, and the relationship between fiction and human consciousness.

The Unpublished? DC Comics Cancels 'The Unwritten' Book 2Tom Taylor's father Wilson Taylor disappears after writing books about a wizard kid called Tom Taylor, and Tom finds himself living a life that is not his, surviving on appearance fees at comic conventions. That is, until the fictional starts to bleeding through to reality, the villains of the book start to attack, and Tom discovers that he may  actually be a fictional construct.

DC Comics had collected the entire run in trade paperback, but had begun publishing the series in their oversize hardcover Deluxe format. But it seems that has come to an end with Book One.

Book Two, though still available on Amazon, has been cancelled from DC Comics, and not listed as something that will be resolicited. If you were waiting…

Looks like you might have to wait until they make it into a TV show or movie.

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