Donald Duck – The Big Sneeze

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Donald Duck - The Big Sneeze - Cover

If you're not reading the IDW Disney books, you need to be. The stories (as I've said before) are translated from other languages, and they're pulled from old and new comics. You get a good variety in each book too. Seriously, I really enjoy reading these!

"The Big Sneeze" focuses on Donald, the best character in the Disney line up. In the opening story, Donald is in trouble with his boss for taking Celopatra's outfit to the dry cleaners. This isn't his first mishap with historical artifacts, but for whatever reason he still has a job. Granted he was demoted, but he's still there. Meanwhile his Nephews aren't doing much better, and are demoted in their scout group.

What I appreciate is how this realistically shows that if you don't do your job there will be consequences. In this story, Donald and his nephews go on a quest to look for someone, but this is performed while Donald is sick. His work ethic is strong, but I'm sure he also wants to get back in the good graces of his boss.

I actually enjoyed the story "Dog Meet Dog". It relies on visual gags and cues instead of dialogue, which gives the reader a chance to use their imaginations as well.


It's a surprisingly cute story in which Fethry tries to out do Donald by having a bigger dog than him. Artist Enrico Faccini is great at facial cues and creating a story without dialogue. I'd love to see a collection of Faccini's work in the future.

You get 7 stories in this book, making it a bargain if you're a Donald or general Disney fan.

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