Explore The Cursed City Of Eternal Dreamers! Preview Conan: The Avenger # 15 From Dark Horse

Conan: The Avenger #15 arrives on June 24th, and promises to bring with it some stellar artwork from Guiu Vilanova, particularly scenes set in the dark where he's using blue linework. Written by Fred Van Lente with cover art by Eric Powell, it's an issue to look out for.

Here's Powell's vivid and lush cover:

STK674012Dark Horse describe this issue thus:

Conan and Natala must fight for their lives in the cursed city of eternal dreamers, Xuthal! When they are separated, Conan faces an army of zealots while Natala must defend herself from torturers and beasts! Can they escape the city alive?

And here's our preview of Issue #15:

CONANTA #15 PG 01 CONANTA #15 PG 02 CONANTA #15 PG 03Conan: The Avenger arrives on June 24th, and is currently listed in Previews World with item code: APR150052.

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