First Scott Pilgrim Chapter For Free

First Scott Pilgrim Chapter For FreeI am sans iPad, iTouch or iPhone. So naturally I'm all sassenfrassenrassen about this upcoming Scott Pilgrim App. Read the whole of Scott Pilgrim on it by ponying up some cash, presumably updating when the final chapter is released. But first you can read the first book for free.

I mean I know I've got all the books, first prints obv, but because this is Scott Pilgrim, odds are there will be bonus games and music tracks and unlockable easter eggs in the thing somewhere. There's already social networking bits going on. There's movement, sound and vibration in the reading of the comics, which normally I would dismiss as a fad, but in Scott Pilgrim's case it would probably work. And there's new Scott Pilgrim material to be found…

Can't I get a version for my Nokia N phone? Please?

Sign up for the damn thing here.

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