Five Things The Incredibles 2 Should Do To Be An Even Bigger Smash Hit

By Mike Federali

I'm a huge fan of The Incredibles. In my humble opinion it's one of the top superhero movies of all time. So news of The Incredibles 2 finally happening got my brain going in a thousand directions. Here's a few unsolicited ideas I think would make the sequel a hit, and more importantly, ready the road for a third installment!

Bring Back The Bird!

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 6.29.12 PMThis one has already been confirmed but it's very important. Brad Bird, who wrote and directed the original, is back on board for the sequel. It's been ten years and expectations are high, but who better to want to make it great than a man who would be ruining the legacy he himself built? (Random Fact: Bird was the visual inspiration for Syndrome).

More Fro-Zone!

Much like bacon, everything is better with Samuel Jackson. With most of the heroes in The Incredibles' universe in hiding or deceased, give a little more screen time to Mr. Incredible's unofficial sidekick. Elasti-Girl, Dash and Violet are all pivotal to the family angle. But if you want a guaranteed unforgettable moment, put Fro-Zone undercover and give him an eye patch a la Nick Fury!

More Big Villains

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 6.33.42 PMWith Syndrome taken out by Jack-Jack, the sequel is in dire need of a true bad guy. Ten years is a long time to just re-make the same movie. So there is a great opportunity here to bring in some amazing voice talent. James Earl Jones? Robin Williams? Or how about Jessica Lange bringing some of that awesome American Horror Story evil to the cast with a female Lex Luthor/Martha Stewart type?

Shared Universe?

With the Disney/Pixar/Marvel connection there's no harm in a name-drop here or there, right? Can't Mr. Incredible mention a certain Gamma irradiated Doctor? A random S.H.I.E.L.D. logo in a hallway? I'd even be happy with seeing some Marvel characters that will likely never see the silver screen in live action form. Great Lake Avengers, anyone? Damage Control? Alpha Flight? Ok, Alpha Flight is pushing it even for me, but how about a little cross-over action with Disney's first animated Marvel film, Big Hero 6.

Post-Credits Scene

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 6.31.38 PMIt works wonders for the live-actions so go ahead and do it in the animated films too. The movie is over, everyone's had a blast, but stay nailed to their seats through the names of all the hard-working animators to catch a glimpse of, pause for drama, Stan Lee to cameo and play Mr. Incredibles' Father and be the perfect baby-sitter for Jack-Jack. With The Incredibles' obvious similarities to Fantastic Four, a little love for Stan "The Man" just feeeeels right. If nothing else on this list finds it's way virally to Brad Bird, let it be that one.

Mike Federali is a comic book writer, musician, podcast host and organizer of Tidewater Comicon.   

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