Hourman Is The Latest DC Superhero Heading For The CW

hourman Smallville was a smash hit, Arrow is doing great and The Flash is on its way, so why wouldn't The CW keep tapping the DC comic book well for more series? Their newest in-development title though, is a character a bit off the radar.

THR reports the psychic superhero known as Hourman is now being developed as a weekly series, with Michael Caleo writing the script. Rex Tyler, aka Hourman, first appeared in DC comics in 1940, as a pharmaceutical rep who discovers his chronic nightmarish visions were actually prophetic glimpses of future horrors – one hour before they happen. Naturally, he decides it's his duty to try to stop as many of them as possible.

The original Rex Tyler was a 30-something family man, but the alter ego Hourman was resurrected later as his son Rick, whose youth, parental issues and lack of baggage in the form of a wife and kids is probably a better fit for the network. Of course, there's nothing stopping The CW from re-imagining the original Rex as young and buff and single.

I'd imagine this one will be contingent upon how The Flash does. No pressure, Grant Gustin!

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