Is Mark Millar Paving The Way Back To DC Comics In The Next Ten Years?

Is Mark Millar Paving The Way Back To DC Comics In The Next Ten Years?Mark Millar got an early start at DC Comics, working on books including Swamp Thing, JLA, Flash, Aztek and The Authority. Then he was headhunted by Marvel, said some heady things about Paul Levitz and that was that. And he once said that he was loyal to Joe Quesada over the big Marvel/DC divide and that he wouldn't work at DC Comics while Joe Quesada was still in charge.

Then the other day he posted, regarding the Superman movie he'll never write;

I'll probably do my Superman story as an OGN at some point if Jim and Geoff fancy it. I wouldn't fancy writing a monthly or anything and I don't really think it would work as a maxi-series, but it would be a great big book I think. An original hardcover. It would be a shame to see the ideas going to waste.

Following up with;

It's just an idea at this stage. I don't want to go exclusive at Marvel or DC, no interest in really doing any more company-owned characters for the next few years. But I'd like to use my Superman notes (and I have hundreds of pages) at point and write a Superman graphic novel. I wouldn't want to do a series or a 12 issue thing or anything. Just a big 200 page book with all the ideas I had for the Superman movies. If it happens next year great. If it happens in TEN years great. I'm in no hurry as I much prefer doing creator-owned, but this would be a fun gig to do at some point in the future. I also know who I'd have draw it.

So, can be see this as a timescale for Joe Quesada stepping down from Marvel? Or an indication that Mark Millar is changing his mind… even if it's in the long term.

Oh and in other news, just as he did with Kick Ass/Old Man Logan/Fantastic Four/1985, he's finding a way to do a Nemesis/Kick Ass 2/Superior crossover as well… here's an advance peek from Leinil Yu

Is Mark Millar Paving The Way Back To DC Comics In The Next Ten Years?

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