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But it looks like all of that hard work may be undone, and you might have to thank the rumored RE4 remake for that. Nemesis always seems to pop up, and now he's doing it in other games he wasn't in. A brand new interview on PlayStation Blog has caught a few people's attention in talking about[...]
Resident Evil Nemesis Bust from Capcom
The statue is stated as limited edition and each bust will be numbered but no edition size has been revealed. The Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Bust Statue comes with a pretty hefty price at $99 The statue is a officially licensed by Capcom so that could have something to do with it They are online already[...]
Mark Millar's Nemesis Moves To Warner Bros
Warner Bros owns DC Entertainment and their large stable of characters… Nemesis was published by Marvel Comics and with artist Steve McNiven. [Source: The Tracking Board] Mark Millar, who already has had Hollywood success with Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service, has had his next film adaptation move from 20th Century Fox over to Warner Bros[...]
Steve McNiven At Marvel And At Millarworld
CBR originally said that Nemesis Returns, the sequel to Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Nemesis series from 2010 for Marvel Comics, would be published in September 2012. It wasn't It was then promised for January 2013. Again, nothing. But I understand that the sequel to Nemesis, Nemesis Returns is back on the cards Soonish. Steve McNiven got busy at Marvel[...]
A Comic Show – How We Learned To Love Comics Again
And as always we are lucky to have them! And they're loving the Nemesis collection, Wolverine 5.1 (and how the boys knew that The Thing wouldn't die, you cheaters), Ultimate Captain America, Green Lantern, Flash getting Road To Flashpoint action, Batman And Robin, Red Robin, Infestation Star Trek, new Walking Dead, joy for Cinderella and[...]
Mark Millar Draws Variant Cover For Nemesis #4 (UPDATE)
The variant cover to Nemesis #4 that he has drawn It took two hours to draw, while watching television. Hmm. UPDATE: And now a second cover This one took ten minutes. Here is your Mark Millar post of the day The variant cover to Nemesis #4 that he has drawn It took two hours to draw, while[...]
The Millarworld Triple Variant Cover Thingy Scheduled
The covers will be available on Nemesis #4, Superior #4 and Kick-Ass 2 #2 Retailer orders for each are restricted to one copy for every ten normal issues ordered. Clicky to make biggy. Bleeding Cool printed the image previously Well the Millarworld crossover thing is actually three variant covers for Mark Millar's three Icon titles, drawn[...]
Is Mark Millar Paving The Way Back To DC Comics In The Next Ten Years?
I also know who I'd have draw it. So, can be see this as a timescale for Joe Quesada stepping down from Marvel? Or an indication that Mark Millar is changing his mind… even if it's in the long term. Oh and in other news, just as he did with Kick Ass/Old Man Logan/Fantastic Four/1985, he's finding[...]