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Hit Girl Can Run At Over 70 MPH And Reads Jupiter's Legacy
And, when it comes down to it, behaving rather heroically. But the character Hit Girl, with serious training since a toddler, can seemingly do superhuman things For a young kid anyway In that, she somehow has the upper body strength to swing a sword through people And blow people away without her little frame always being[...]
The Page That Totally Turned Kick Ass 3 #1 Around For Me
Nor the Hit Girl spinoff But Kick Ass 3? Is it Iron Man 3 or is it Godfather Part III? It all comes down to one page. The first series contrasted the mundane with attempts to be superheroic taken entirely from comics Kick Ass 2 lost some of that and saw them actually, on some levels, living[...]
Thirteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Hit Girl, Avengers, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Earth 2, Snapshot, All New X-Men,  Superior Spider-Man, Hellboy, Youngblood, Epic Kill and Mudman
As a Hit Girl hallucination, giving her the inspiration and drive to do the impossible Maybe she's just read too much Preacher. As both Animal Man.. …and Swamp Thing come to the end of Rotworld (still not finished though, despite the "Finale" cover lines, Swamp Thing takes to the skies again I do hope he keeps the[...]