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batwoman1With reactions still coming in from around the world, I doubt we've heard the last of this one. Here's where it started: JH Williams III, co-writer and artist on Batwoman, and artist on DC's upcoming Sandman: Overturehas laid it all out in his blog about why he, and co-writer WH Blackman are leaving the book

Most-Read Comic Stories Thursday:

JH Williams III Walks Off Batwoman Over DC Not Allowing Her Marriage To Maggie Sawyer (UPDATE)

Bleeding Cool have run many articles detailing DC creative issues with editorial. Some have seen creators walk off, but the repeated issue is not so much editorial interference but last minute interference, after plot, storylines, issues, have been editorially agreed, even with full issues drawn, before suddenly editorial changes its mind – or changes it back again. Promises were made that this would no longer happen – but were soon broken.

Scott Allie Tweets His Thoughts On Editorial Interference In The Wake Of JH William Leaving Batwoman

On his twitter feed today, Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie responded to the story of JH William and Haden Blackmon leaving Batwoman. He questions the initial reaction some folks have to the story and he talks about the job of an editor and how changing things at short notice or arbitrarily is failing at it.

DC Wants You To Draw Harley Quinn Naked!

Okay, yes that is a sensationalized headline but it's also accurate. DC comics has announced that they are opening up a talent search to have someone draw a page of Harley Quinn #0 along side Amanda Conner, Paul Pope, Bruce Timm and more. The new series being written by Jimmy Palmiotti and his new wife Conner begins this November and they are looking for an undiscovered talent to join them for a single page. Entries can be just pencils, pencils and inks or even pencilled, inked and colored but you must keep in mind that whatever you do on the page is going to be judged on a professional level so only do what you are really good at.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Thursday:

Trailer For The Robocop Reboot

The footage shown at Comic-Con did a better job of placing the new Robocop into a clear thematic structure, but it did have Samuel L Jackson delivering a monologue to camera in order to achieve this, not to mention a full news report sequence.

Is This Real Ben Affleck Batman Concept Art Or Is Steve Scott Just A Funny Guy?

With production on the Superman-Batman movie due to kick off in six months or so I'm sure that the pile of pre-production art work is already stacked pretty darn high. It doesn't seem unlikely that somewhere on the team would be Steve Scott, the artist behind the Dark Knight comic book adaptation and some designs for Smallville.

Arrow News: Season 2 Promo, Amanda Waller Cast and Barry Allen Soon To Follow

The fine folks over at the CW released the first promo trailer for Arrow Season 2 and it's entitled "You Better Pray". Which includes two 'tag lines' one spoken by Oliver: "That which doesn't kill me only makes me sharper." The second is text on screen: "When The Hood Goes Up You Better Pray."


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