Live(ish) From The Game Shop: Kirby Triple Deluxe, Mario Golf World Tour, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure All-Star Battle, Daylight, The Amazing Spider-Man

By Jared Cornelius

Welcome back for another week of new releases, it's Live(ish) From The Games Shop!  I don't think I could be more pleased, after last week's utter failure of new releases, this week has some interesting new titles to talk about.  We see the return of a cult classic fighting game, two Nintendo favorites come to the 3DS, first person horror, and everyone's favorite web-slinger comes to almost everything.

Kirby Triple Deluxe, stars Nintendo's pink puff ball in a return to its traditional platforming adventure.  King Dedede ruler of Dreamlands' been captured and taken up a giant "dreamstalk" and it's up to Kirby to rescue him.  Triple Deluxe features a return to the classic 2D roots of the series, but allows players to jump from the foreground into the background, making this more of a 2.5D game.  True to form, Kirby gain's additional powers by devouring his foes, with abilities that includes fire, ice, sword, and beetle.  Triple Deluxe also features download play, meaning you only need one copy of the game to enjoy the multiplayer, which include a 4 player Kirby fighting game, Dedede's Drum Dash, and Arena.  Kirby Triple Deluxe due to be released May 2nd for Nintendo 3DS.

Mario Golf World Tour returns Nintendo's favorite plumber to the green for another round of golf.  Mario Golf continues Nintendo's long running series of fun, arcade styled sports games, with the usual cast of Mushroom Kingdom favorites, along with the ability to use your Nintendo branded Mii characters.  World Tour features a number of different courses, customizable golf gear that effects gameplay, touch screen integration, and online play.  With no story to speak of other then a tournament mode, Mario Golf has always been a fun take on what looks like the most boring sport on TV.  Mario Golf World Tour is set for release on May 2nd for Nintendo 3DS.

JoJo's Bizzare Adventure All-Star Battle, is a mouthful and also the return of the cult fighter to US shores.  Based on the Hirohiko Araki manga series, revolving around the Joestar family and their supernatural powered guardians called stands.  I'll be honest with you, I read over the Wikipedia entry for this series and its sounds bananas, if you like the idea of a fighting game with characters named, Dio Brando and Vanilla Ice this might be worth a look.  Araki obviously has an affinity for music and got my $50 when I heard you can play as a dog named Iggy whose stand is called The Fool.  The cool cel-shaded graphics are bolstered by story mode, campaign mode, and versus mode, with online play, and unlockable extras to round out the experience.  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle is available Tuesday on the PlayStation 3 via PSN, boxed copies of the game are available from Amazon and the Club Namco Store but only in a limited capacity.

Daylight, is a first person horror game from the good folks at Zombie Studios.  Awakened in a terrifying mental hospital with only a phone as a light source, you'll explore the grounds with strange noises and presences lurking around you.  Daylight is procedurally generated, meaning that every play-through is unique.  The story was also penned by the internet's Anthony Gallegos of Comedy Button fame, so go buy it and support Braptists.  Fans of games like AmnesiaOutlast, and Slender should check this one out.  Daylight was released Tuesday on Steam and PlayStation 4.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the obligatory tie in to the summer blockbuster.  Taking place in the same continuity, Amazing Spider-Man 2's story runs parallel to the movie.  Spider-Man is on the hunt for Uncle Ben's killer in New York and runs afoul of his rouges gallery including Venom, Electro, Kraven and the like.  Features for the game include an open world New York, new web swinging mechanics, a (ugh) heroism system that brands you hero or menace based on gameplay, and for some reason the ability to play as plain old Peter Parker.  I'm going to shoot straight on this one, I watched a few gameplay videos and this doesn't look great, in fact it looks like a quick cash in on Activisions part.  I could be totally wrong, Spider-Man 2 on the PlayStation 2 is remembered super fondly and that's a tie in, but I'd recommend reading the reviews on this one.  If you really want a super hero game, go pick up Infamous Second Son, I can confirm that's good.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released for everything but the Xbox One on Tuesday, no ETA for the Xbox One versions been announced so that's not a great sign either.

Games, so many games.  It's good to be back with titles to write about, April was undoubtedly the driest month of the year so far.  May doesn't look like the biggest month in terms of releases either, but I know of some cool releases upcoming so keep your eyes on Bleeding Cool for your weekly dose of video games.  Look for my other regular column Typing on The DeadBleeding Cool's Walking Dead recap.  I've also been doing a series on Valiant Comics where I recommend a series based on other pieces of media.  You can find out about all the dumb things I'm doing on Twitter @John_Laryngitis where unlike any other person online I make snarky comments.

Jared Cornelius is some guy from New Jersey's coast who's so glad games are back he's not playing any.  If you'd like to get online for a co-op reading of More Information Than You Require, contact him on Twitter @John_Laryngitis

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