Lying In The Gutters – 16th December 2013 – Screenplay Download Time!


One of Liam Brazier's geometric superheroes there. It's always good to have an angle.

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week

  1. You Can Now Legally Download Many Of The Year's Best Screenplays
  2. DC Comics Cancels Frank Miller's Cover To Detective Comics #27
  3. DC Comics Cancels Batman: The Dark Knight (UPDATE)
  4. Plastic Man – A Continuity Issue For Five Years Later To Fix
  5. "I Don't Read Comics As A 49 Year Old Man" – Nicolas Cage
  6. The Man Who Started A Comic Store. By Stealing From A Comic Store.
  7. Are The Zombies In The Walking Dead… Changing?
  8. Colonel James Rhodes Is Part Of The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
  9. DC Comics Officially Announces Five Years Later With Weekly Series Future's End
  10. Emilia Clarke Is The New Sarah Connor
  11. Frank Miller's Cover For Detective Comics #27 Is Back – What Happened
  12. Marvel Cancels A+X, A Return For Death's Head? And Possible New Avengers Spoilers For March
  13. Bendis Asks Internet Not To Spoil The Ending Of Cataclysm: Ultimate Spider-Man #3
  14. Jeff Lemire Cancels Animal Man In March, Moves Him To The Justice League
  15. Why The Desolation Of Smaug Is Absolutely Wonderful. And Deeply Dreadful All At Once.
  16. Help Former DC Comics Editor Bob Kahan Stay In His Apartment
  17. Will The Ultimate Universe… Survive? Will It Be… An… Incursion? (Creative Team UPDATE)
  18. Harley Quinn Beats Out Amazing X-Men As Both Marvel And DC Drop Below 30%
  19. Disney Making Descendants, A Movie About The Offspring Of Their Most Popular Villains
  20. Forty-One Thoughts About Forty Comics

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Wolverine #12 To Be A Game Changer In September 2014
  2. How Sherlock Survived The Reichenbach Fall: Looking For The Final Missing Clue
  3. Rocket Raccoon And Groot Get Their Own Prose Novel
  4. Now In Marketing: Poster Quotes From People Who Aren't Even Pretending To Have Seen The Film
  5. When Dan DiDio Fixed Detective Comics #27 Subscription Issue – A Christmas Poem
  6. "Where Do You Put The Camera?" Or, How To Make A Horror Film Scary
  7. DC Editor Wil Moss Starts At Marvel On Monday
  8. Jack O'Connell In The Running For Star Wars: Episode VII Role
  9. Fake Wizard Spawn Sketches, Not By Todd McFarlane And Whilce Portacio
  10. The Orphanage's Juan Antonio Bayona To Direct World War Z Sequel‏



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