Bioware Shows Off A New Hero With A New Ride At San Diego Comic Con

By Dan Celko


Madeline Ricchiuto and I got our first glimpse into the world of the new Mass Effect game currently in development by Bioware.


The Mass Effect panel at San Diego Comic Con was nearly impossible to get into, but those who stayed from earlier panels or got in line early enough to be one of the less than 40 people allowed in were greatly rewarded. Never before seen images of the male and female character model for the new hero of the game were shown off.


Now the faces of the characters have not been created yet but it gives us a first look at the new type of armor that will be used to save you from the hail of gunfire and energy blasts headed straight towards you. The new armor focuses on customizability with a cloth under layer that serves a casual outfit you can wear out of combat. In order to choose the looks effectiveness of your armor, you "snap" your armor onto this base layer. This allows you to build your armor to best suit the way you play while giving you options to fit your personal sense of style.


Also something very important to note in the pictures is the N7 on the new hero's armor. However, this does not mean that this is Commander Sheppard as Bioware confirmed that he plays a minimal role in the story of the game.

While shiny new armor is nice, a new hero needs a shiny new ride. To that point, we were shown the brand new Mako. It is sleek, it is fast, and it is badass.  This new Mako is a fast response vehicle, built to be agile and mobile. That means the trade off of no cannon but it is very likely that it will have the ability to jump again. We were left with a short video showing a conceptual prototype of this bad boy in action.


Even though so little has been revealed about what is to come in the next Mass Effect game, it is clear people are ready and waiting for it. The cheers at these minuscule details are proof of it. This says something about the series as a whole since we all remember how the gaming community was in an uproar over the ending of Mass Effect 3. There is a clear trust in the quality of the game and the grand story it has brought with it which alone is enough to make me excited.

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