Meeting Liz Plourde And Randy Michaels Of How I Made The World At Boston Comic-Con

By Shawn Perry

This past weekend at Boston Comic-Con I met Liz Plourde and Randy Michaels who form the creative duo behind the Xeric Award winning comic How I Made the World. Among other things we discussed the Xeric Foundation, puns and how they made How I Made the World.

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Plourde and Michaels are two of the most approachable and sincere people you will ever meet on a show floor. They are also both extremely talented, and if the first issue is any indication they understand how to tell a grounded but captivating story in the comic book medium.

Personally, I loved How I Made the World, which you might know if you read Indie Spotlight. I'm all about telling original coming-of-age tales that avoid tights in comics and this story really resonated with me for a number of reasons.

For some insider information on what's next in this ongoing series and to learn more about this talented pair check out our interview with them at Boston Comic-Con.


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