Meeting Miss Adventure: Preview The Paybacks #2, Hit The Paybacks Tour, And Check Out The Cover To #3

The Paybacks, a series set in the same world as the critically-acclaimed series Buzzkill, and concocted by the same creative team of Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal writing, Geoff Shaw on art, and Lauren Affe on colors, arrived for its first issue with pretty thunderous applause. It is a rare thing to combine action/adventure with humor in such a sophisticated way (by that I'm not implying it's always highbrow, but I think the humor is sometimes quite intricate), especially in a nominally superhero-based comic. In this series, a group of superheroes are forced through their own default in debt, to collect the money from other defaulted heroes. But since everyone has wacky powers, the totally unpredictable often ensues. The second issue of The Paybacks is arriving on October 21st and is reaching FOC today for retailers, so now's your chance to jump on board. The comic team have even posted the first 8 pages of the series as they originally appeared in Dark Horse Presents on their Tumblr for free, so you can also have a gander at that right here.


STK684821Issue #2 of The Paybacks is described thus:

When the world's greatest superhero team, the Command, defaults on their loans, their secret underwater base becomes the property of the Paybacks! It's Night Knight's first mission with the superhero repo squad, and the foreclosure goes smoothly . . . until it really, really doesn't. I mean, High Guard can see through walls, you know? How do you sneak past that?

The writing team have also launched a Paybacks Tour where Eliot Rahal and Donny Cates are appearing for games and prizes at several comic shops on the road to New York Comic Con, starting this coming Friday, so check out the poster below.

Calling this comic "funny" doesn't quite cut it, by the way–it's a rare breed of wits at work to entertain the reader. Check out this preview of #2 courtesy of Dark Horse Comics:


We've also got something special here for you–an exclusive first look at the cover for Issue #3:

PAYBACKS #3 CVR_IFC.1Don't forget to support the Paybacks Tour if you're in the right location, leading right up to New York Comic Con!

Paybacks tour posterThe Paybacks #2 is currently listed in Previews World with item code AUG150047 and reaches FOC today, Monday the 28th of September. 

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