Monday Trending Topics: Pose Like Wonder Woman

This one was a mortal lock to be the most-viewed post of the day, and congrats to the winner. Rich should run a contest like this at a convention sometime, I think.

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Winners Of The Pose-Like-Wonder-Woman Contest Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

Two weeks ago, we ran an image based on an original by Colasquid, that had been updated and improved by denizens of 4chan/co, showing a variety of superheroes posing in the manner of Wonder Woman on the David Finch cover to Justice League #1 from DC Comics. It became the most popular post of last week. And this week.

Batgirl And The Legion Of Sadistic Disability Fetishists by Eric Glover

About a month ago, I wrote an op-ed on DC Comics' decision to super-glue the severed spinal cord of a paralyzed character and have her skipping on two legs again – "Give Batgirl The Chair". Long story short, I was pretty pissed about it.

That Jim Lee Batman eBay Forgery

This is not a Batman sketch by Jim Lee on eBay. I mean it should be obvious but already it's getting bids close to $200 with eleven hours to go.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

New Doctor Who Minisode – The Let's Kill Hitler Prequel

Tonight, the next Doctor Who episode, the extraordinarily titled Let's Kill Hitler will premiere at the BFI with or without Bleeding Cool in attendance (officially the latter, but sneakily the former). To warm the country up, Aunty Beeb has issued one of her prequel minisodes to the web.

Is The Arrested Development Movie A) Going To Be A MetaText B) Happen At All?

I really have started to suspect that there's an agreement between members of the Arrested Development cast and crew that they'll do everything they can to keep stories about the supposedly-proposed film-of-the-show flooding onto the internet. I think they think it's funny.

What Is Nina Toussaint-White To Doctor Who?

This is English actress Nina Toussaint-White. She appears in the upcoming run of Doctor Who, playing the character Mels.

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Monday Trending Topics: Pose Like Wonder Woman

Monday Trending Topics: Pose Like Wonder WomanMonday Trending Topics: Pose Like Wonder Woman

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