Monday Trending Topics: The Last Of The Best Sellers

Monday Trending Topics: The Last Of The Best SellersHoly crap did Rich piss a lot of people off with the assertion that Justice League 1 isn't the best selling book of the year.  And while a few BC forumers made some very good points in disagreement, the overall implication of what Rich is talking about is soon going to lead us to an interesting place: the Diamond charts already don't have quite the meaning as an indicator of publisher health that they once did, with the ever-increasing importance of the bookmarket and the international market.  And with the coming digital juggernaut for single comic book issues… will we be slicing and dicing the Diamond numbers with the same fervor in September 2013? 2015?

That's a pretty interesting question.  We've discussed this here before, but what metrics will we use to determine who's winning the comic publishing horse race?  We all love being spectators for this particular race, so we'll come up with something. But it's soon going to look very different from the way it looks today.

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Justice League #1 Is Not The Best Selling Comic Of 2011

That's the claim DC Comics are making. Look, they do it right here. Claiming over 200,000 copies sold.

The Mystery Redhead In Superboy #1, Revealed

In the preview to Superboy #1, we noticed a prominent red haired young woman, and the internet has been abuzz with her possible identity. Her name is Red in the comic, but that's not the name she was born with.

Tanya Tate Geeks Out At Exxxotica

Thanks to Tanya Tate, adult actress and ocasional Bleeding Cool contributor, for these rather geeky shots from Exxxotica in Los Angeles a couple of weekends ago. Featuring herself with Allie Haze  as Princess Leia, Aiden Ashley  in Stormtrooper gear, Lexi Belle  as Batgirl, a very lucky lad dressed as Darth Vader and Chyna the wrestler.

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Record-Breaking Box Office Disaster For Epic Failures Creature and Bucky Larson

We spend a lot of time dedicating front page headlines to movies at the top of the box office, but for now, it's time to honour a couple of films to turn heads with truly catastrophic bum-to-seats ratios.

New Info, Images From The Animated Batman: Year One

The film's co-director Sam Liu has been speaking with Animation Magazine (via Animatie) about some of the alterations he found necessary. Here's an excerpt from their resulting article:

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited

I like a good time travel story. Oh let's be honest, I probably like a bad time travel story. But this was not one of them. Let's rewind.

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Monday Trending Topics: The Last Of The Best Sellers

Monday Trending Topics: The Last Of The Best Sellers

Monday Trending Topics: The Last Of The Best Sellers

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