New Plot Details And More Glass Knuckle Clips Revealed In Second Trailer For The Grey

I've been slightly obsessed with The Grey ever since the first teaser trailer exploded all over the internet. Something about the idea of Liam Neeson strapping broken liqueur bottles to his knuckles and boxing with wolves that I can't quite get over. Luckily, based on the new trailer released yesterday via MovieFone, the film itself actually looks pretty damn good even outside of this scene.

We get a lot more details about the crash and the plan to journey south here, though it's still unclear whether Neeson's wife/girlfriend in the film has died, left him, or is just waiting at home for him to come back carrying a wolf head as a trophy. I do love that "waking up under the bedsheets" shot, though, and I can see why they've included it in all the trailers so far.

From what I can tell, it's one of those films about people lost in a wilderness that's perpetually trying to kill them, with a healthy side serving of CGI wolves to spice things up. If anything, the only thing that disappoints me about this trailer is the fact that the wolves are very clearly CGI, which takes away some of the fear factor. But hey, at least that looks like real snow!