Not For The Chop: Wizard Price Guide

WizardVGcomicsIt's been a sore point of comment for many that over the last few months, the monthly comics magazine Wizard: The Guide To Comics has been missing its one true innovation – the monthly comics price guide.

Although some may question the validity of such a section when prices can be easily observed up to the minute on the likes of eBay, resistance to its absence has been massive. Retailers have told me that customers repeatedly put the magazine back on the shelf because of this, and they were slashing their orders as a result.

Not only was the price guide element more desired than some realised, but also it added a certain thickness and value for money to the magazine. Even if you never used the guide, you felt like you were getting more of a bang for your buck. And without it, Wizard is just, well, a bit more floppy.

Well, it seems that the few remaining bigwigs at Wizard have listened. A case has been made. And the observation that certain high profile comics dealers have been pulling out of eBay altogether.

Anyway, 'nuff said, the Wizard price guide returns with issue 222. And the sidebar commentary has been reduced to fit more guide prices in.

So one problem solved. Now maybe they'll bring back the message board…

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