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Sexy New Gen-13 To Replace Teen Titans
Okay, we will get probably get a new Teen Titans as well. But in the light of the upcoming end of the current Teen Titans run, I understand that DC Comics
The Best Hats At ECCC: Part Two
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the Lemmy fezzes being sported by D.J. Kikbride and Adam P. Knave, authors of Amelia Cole. Following up a promise,
Unboxing The Godzilla Survival Kit
So I got a package from Warner Bros the other day. Unboxing it revealed a Godzilla Survival Kit. Take a look at the monstrous items inside...
Rewind Your Life…24 Hours At A Time
The Undone #1. Written & created By Michael Dolce. Art by Soussherpa. Colors By Todd Rayner. Currently funding on Kickstarter until April 18th:Dylan