PITCH: Rosary by Rich Johnston and Robin Riggs (UPDATE)

I knew Robin Riggs of old. Marvel inker, we rubbed each other up the wrong way, online and in public. To put it bluntly, we fell out. Badly.

Ten years later we are both very different people. And Robin is a very different artist. His work sits somewhere between Kevin Nowlan and Michael Zulli and he'd be a find for anyone. I'm just very grateful he approached me with an open hand earlier this year.

PITCH: Rosary by Rich Johnston and Robin Riggs (UPDATE)

This is Rosary. The backroom boys of the world summoning something something very dark from the depths in order to save it. The price paid fifty years later. And a very new version of the major political events of the twentieth century through a supernatural lens, and how it all gave birth to the twenty-first. Robin has full pencils to bein with, followed by layouts. Any interested party, do please get in touch, either in person at San Diego or by email. Here's a preview…

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