Ralph Macchio Retires, Industry Reacts

To be honest these days, it's not often that a comic book editor actually gets to retire. But Ralph Macchio has.

Axel Alonso announced the news to CBR. He wrote;

After 35 years of distinctive service, Senior Editor Ralph Macchio is retiring. Ralph's a living legend who's edited some of the most important titles we've ever published — from Frank Miller's "Daredevil" to Walter Simonson's "Thor" to the early Ultimate line to the Stephen King series. He's also one of the world's true gentlemen — and I mean that from the bottom of my heart — and a master impersonator whose "Tom Brevoort" has to be seen to be believed. While Ralph's closing the door on his editing work, he's opening the door to another — expect to see him back behind the writer's desk, soon.

So not totally retired then! The industry reacted, here are a few choice tweets;

Stephen Wacker: I think I speak for everyone at Marvel when I say, "Who's Ralph Macchio"?

David Gallaher: Congratulations to Ralph Macchio, who was always wonderful to me! What an amazing career he's had a @Marvel! You'll be missed, Ralph!

Ron Cacace: I'll never forget the day Ralph Macchio gave me the oddest look after I said I wanted to fornicate with a cabinet full of trade paperbacks.

Chris Sotomayor: I'm in shock that Ralph Macchio is retiring. I'll never forget the first time I met him (not fit for twitter).

Brian Bendis: In honor of Ralph Macchio at the next retreat I will be reading the nyt and muttering under my breath :)

Stephen Wacker: To all the writers and artists lamenting the retirement of @Marvel editor Ralph Macchio, keep in mind he hasn't read your books.

Axel Alonso: True story: I acted out INCREDIBLE HULK #34 to Ralph Macchio in his office. The whole issue. Every line. Every scene. Every character.

Mark Brooks: One of the greatest editors at Marvel comics, Ralph Macchio, is retiring today. He was my first editor and an amazing guy. Miss him already.

Fred Van Lente: Sad, my great editor of IRON MAN LEGACY & CAP:1ST VENGEANCE, is retiring. He won't have any meetings to sleep though anymore.

Kieron Gillen: Short version: Journey Into Mystery wouldn't be the book it is without him as editor.

Stephen Wacker: I can truthfully say this about Retirin' Ralph Macchio…Crystar: The Crystal Warrior would not have been the same without him.

Christos Gage:
Congrats to Ralph Macchio on an amazing career. Bummed we didn't get to work together, glad we almost did & will miss seeing you at MArvel.

Matt Fraction: Ralph Macchio gave me a copy of the lost Frank Miller post-'Born Again' DAREDEVIL script. was to have Walter Simonson on art. GAVE IT. To ME

Andrew Farago: When we visited the Marvel offices, Ralph told us Steve Ditko's list of demands for participating in the Spider-Man movie.. First: I want a million dollars.. Second: I get to play Spider-Man.

Nate Cosby: Only Thor books I've ever read are from Simonson's run. Ralph Macchio was the editor that gave the ok to turn Thor into a frog.

Axel Alonso:
Fact: Ralph Macchio brought Amazing Fantasy #15 to the office. No bag or board, commando-style. That is some serious OG &$@#.

Chris Eliopolous: The mark of a really great editor is they help creator's visions along without getting in the way. It was never about him. Ralph and Stephen King…

Ralph Macchio Retires, Industry Reacts

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