Reggie The Liar: World Of Archie Winter Annual

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Everyone loves Reggie (maybe). They love his antics, his jerk like behavior, and his over the top personality. In "My, Myself, and I" from the Pope of Archie Dan Parent, Reggie asks Betty to help him write his memoirs. Betty is quick to point out that they're still in high school, but this doesn't phase Reggie. After all, he's planning on doing this for the rest of his life.

While Reggie boasting about himself isn't anything out of the ordinary, we do learn that Reggie cosplayed to a convention prior to meeting up with Betty. I appreciate Dan showing that just because he is a stereotypical jerk, he still enjoys doing traditionally nerdy things as well. It makes Reggie into a well rounded character.


I can't really pick another favorite from this book, as each story has its merits. There's a good selection of artists and writers in this book, so there will be something for everyone. My only real gripe with these digests is that so many of these stories are recycled. I've read a good portion of them at least 5+ times in other fairly recent books. I know Archie is focusing on the reboot and Riverdale, but I still feel they can offer more for classic Archie fans as well. Have some of your new artists and writers create classic Archie stories. Or bring back former artists and writers just so they can work on new content for digests. Eventually your former and loyal fan base will leave since it appears they just don't matter to the company. It's a shame too. I love both versions of Archie, but I understand why so many classic fans feel alienated.

Come on Archie, you can do better.

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