Scott Snyder Mocks Twix Ad In Today's Batman #41

When Batman relaunched as a comic back in 2011 along the rest of the DC New 52, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo brought us a dark Batman which a touch of the cartoon. In the months that came, the book got even darker as the Joker carried out atrocity after atrocity.

At which point something seemed to change, Infected by the spirit of Grant Morrison's Batman, maybe, the book became sillier. In touch with more and more of the history of the character, but also the desire to do brand new things, in new unexpected ways. Culminating in today's Batman #41 which is, to be frank, Batshit crazy. We have a missing Bruce Wayne and a new look, beefed up Jim Gordon taking to the GCPD-built batsuit which even they know looks ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 23.24.41The colour spectrum of the book has been reflecting this of late, but now with a new electrical flow, this colour explodes across the spectrum on the comic book. Basically the crew are off the leash, they have DC's bestselling title, they seem to be able to do whatever they want.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 23.25.38But how far can they go? We first broke the story about DC Comics' decision to allow double page bottom half ads, putting advertisements on the same page as comics for the first time since the seventies. Creators were approached so that they could make sure their script allowed for such ads.

Here's the first of those pages from today's Batman #41.

Scott Snyder Mocks Twix Ad In Today's Batman #41

Showing off potential designs for the Batsuit and running through the history of Batman in the process But look at those blank colour backgrounds, that seem to anticipate the Twix ad.

Is that reading too much into it? Let's see what the second page does…

Scott Snyder Mocks Twix Ad In Today's Batman #41

"Why don't you just slap an ad on it and call it a day…"

Congrats for getting that past editorial guys…

But for all that mocking of the look of the suit… that's just the shell. That's the Hulkbuster. That's what's onside. And what counts is on the inside. Which is caramel with a biscuit base.

Sorry, I'm thinking of the Twix again. More on that later today… with proper spoiler warnings!

So for now here's to Snyder and Capullo, Doing the most ridiculous things with DC Comics' biggest comic book character, and taking the piss out of the advertisers while they are doing it…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Where Martin Simmons will, next Wednesday, be signing copies of Death Sentence.




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