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Inclusion, Sustainability, And Fun – A Lego Interview At San Diego Comic-Con
It's a long development process, taking around 2 years from conception to hitting store shelves; 18 to 24 months roughly. S: So two years ago, when I was just getting back into collecting, the sets that are here right now at your booth are the ones you were all developing? A: Yes Some of them Something like[...]
Comic Book Displays Frame Your Collection – Talking With Dave Music
But when I started collecting art, I wanted a way to display it I would always buy these frames, but they were (for lack of a better word) garbage The edge would crack, or the glass would break And if they fell and hit the ground, it could slice your art right open And I[...]
Chart Appeal: The Gambit Checklist
By Terry Hoknes of Gambit the movie is scheduled for a October 2016 release.  Gambit first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1990 and is
War Waged On Adults Who Collect Toys: Why You Should Be Concerned
Dishearteningly, the first argument that people make in defense of Schrivjerʼs petition, is that adult toy collectors have no business collecting toys That weʼre weird Flawed Creepy even Iʼm offended Completely and totally offended Donʼt believe me? Check this news article… I canʼt make this stuff up Weʼre being stereotyped[...]