Starbucks Saves Lives, Claims New Movie, How Starbucks Saved My Life

how starbucks saved my lifeLinda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool.

The Internship tried but ultimately failed to disguise itself as anything but a propaganda exercise or two-hour infomercial for Google, but those disappointing box office numbers aren't deterring studio bosses from giving this branded movie business another shot.

Starbucks will be positioned not as an overpriced, homogenized coffee chain sprouting from every street corner but as a savior of lives and souls in How Starbucks Saved My Life, based on a Michael Gates Gill's memoir.

Gill was an affluent advertising executive, a self-described "son of privilege" who lost his job, his wife and his health within a few years. Forced to get a job at Starbucks, he sparked up a friendship with his younger, African-American, female manager and began to experience what life is like for the 99% – and, naturally, found himself along the way.

As per Deadline, The Weinstein Company is producing the film and Chocolat's Oscar-nominated writer Robert Nelson Jacobs is adapting, so clearly this is being positioned as a potential awards vehicle.

But just like The Internship somehow missed the mark in trying to say something about these economic times where seasoned professionals have to take unpaid internships to compete for jobs, this story about a rich white guy forced to learn how to live like a regular person could easily end up backfiring as well.

Maybe it would have made sense if this came out in 2006, when the film first went into development, but 2013 is a very different climate. We'll see.

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