Superscript Comics and Games of Lakewood, Ohio, to Open on Free Comic Book Day

Lots of comic shops choose to open their doors for the first time on Free Comic Book Day. I think last year we counted eleven, all told. Well, it's still two months away but Superscript Comics and Games of Lakewood, Ohio, is the first for 2020 to put their head above the parapet.

Owners Elliott Frank, Christine Frank and Nick Kratsas will be opening the store, formerly a laundromat, selling tabletop games, comic books, manga, collectable toys, trading card games as well as locally-sourced board games and comic books. It's an artisanal comic book shop.

Elliott Frank told about his childhood and teen years spent hanging out with Kratsas at Ground Zero Comics in Strongsville, as the inspiration. Elliott and Kratsas are also both members of local hardcore band Harvey Pekar, named after Cleveland's American Splendor comics.

"We liked Harvey Pekar's work and he's this unsung local hero in a way," Kratsas said. "It's representative of the interest we've had in comics throughout our lives." And when married partners Christine and Elliott, looked to open a store, they brought in Kratsas as a very comic book throuple. Superscript has launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for remaining renovations and store updates before opening, with a goal of $8,000, which they have now met.

The store will open on Friday, May 1st and continue it's opening celebrations through the Free Comic Book Day weekend, May 2nd and 3rd, including raffles, a live podcast taping and free comics.

Who else will join them this year?

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