Swipe File: Lady Death Vs Wonder Woman

This is the new look for Lady Death, as seen in the Free Lady Death Premiere and Lady Death #0, and appearing on the cover of Lady Death #1 for January.

Am I the only one who sees a certain resemblance to another female comics character revamp?

Swipe File: Lady Death Vs Wonder WomanSwipe File: Lady Death Vs Wonder Woman

New costume that covers up skin that was previously exposed? Check. Leggings? Check. Memory loss? Check. Road to travel to get those memories back? Check? Still prominent cleavage? Check, check,. check.

Now, Brian Pulido and Mike Wolfer assure me that they began work on this revival of Lady Death two years ago. And this may well be another case of simultaneous development such as Swamp Thing/Man Thing or X-Men/Doom Patrol, Return Of Captain America/Bruce Wayne and Blackest Night/Necrosha.

But it is also one hell of a coincidence…

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