The Mad Science Of Mike Isenberg And Oliver Mertz At Boston Comic-Con

By Shawn Perry and Victor De Leon

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This past weekend, Boston Comic-Con was jam-packed with mainstream and indie artists.  Many that have been attending for years have remarked that this is the biggest the event has ever been – including the fire marshal who had the unenviable task of enforcing building code regulations while hordes of rabid cosplayers anxiously awaited their chance to come inside.

But for the chance to meet creative masterminds like Sean Murphy, Neal Adams and Gail Simone as well as some of the best indie talent this side of the Charles River, who could stay away? Among the most engaging and passionate artists I had the good fortune of meeting over the weekend were Mike Isenberg and Oliver Mertz who produce the ongoing self-published series First Law of Mad Science.


Isenberg and Mertz form a creative collective known as Noreon L.L.C – which also happens to be the name of the mysterious organization at the center of their story. But that's just the tip of the iceberg where it concerns conspiracies, espionage and intrigue in this excellent sci-fi series that I will discuss in my next edition of Indie Spotlight.


The first issue wastes no time laying the groundwork for an ambitious story about what happens when the altruistic ambition for technological innovation outstrips the ability to control it when something goes horribly wrong. By the end of the first issue the fate of nearly half the world's population is at stake and only one family can save them…well, hopefully.  Watch our interview for more information about these two and their great series and keep an eye out for future reviews in the pages of Indie Spotlight.


But be warned: aside from the comic do not allow Noreon L.L.C to sell you anything for your eyes…seriously.

Shawn Perry is a proud geek striving to be here now. He currently resides in East Hartford, Connecticut. Tweet him @thesperry and email him at

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