The Nature Of X-Men Schism And A Look At #2 And #3

X-Men: Schism #1  by Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco, is released today. We've been covering Schism since we first learned of it in February, and the Israel comparison is one we've been talking about.

Cyclops sets down his take on things pretty clearly in issue 1, with Storm arguing the other case. Basically Cyclops is in aggressive, retaliatory, confrontational mode, this is Israel during the Six Day War and pretty much up to the present day. Draw the line, stay strong, say "no more". Storm is representing the more mediator-like approach – which sounds like an interesting path for Wolverine to tread.

But this book also looks at past Wolverine/Cyclops bust ups, but also how well they work together today, even when they are at odds. It looks like it will be something even more than all the nations bringing out their Sentinel programmes to do that.

Utopia is Israeli Jews. Wolverine and Storm seem to want them to be more like New York Jews. Which side are you on?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. Check out their Grant Morrison podcast interview here.

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