The Obesity Epidemic Of The DC Squatz Figures

A new line of DC Comics licensed figures bring a new dimension to the "hidden figure" collecting market. After all, collectors have found all sorts of ways to discover what the hidden figure in the package is before they buy it. Squatz however have the character embedded in a form that dissolves in water to reveal the bought toy.

Which is a lot harder to do in a shop than just cutting the tape with a scalpel for a sneaky peek.

But one of the weirder aspects of these Squatz figures is their chunky sizes. Which, combined with the knocked back forehead in many cases make the characters look less like their nimble action-orientated form, as it does fat, fifty-something cosplayers.  Except of course in the case of The Penguin where it works really well. But the butt-crack aspect of the characters makes the likes of Hawkman look like he needs a belt really badly. Here are a few visuals courtesy of Collectors Quest

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