Typing On The Dead #128 – Hug It Out Bro

By Jared Cornelius

Welcome back to Typing on the Dead, Bleeding Cool's Walking Dead recap column.  In the aftermath of All Out War we witnessed some pretty major changes for Rick and the gang, but I won't talk about them until after the spoiler tag.  So as always, *SPOILER WARNING* for the remainder of the article.

The Walking Dead #128 by Robert Kirkman and Charles Adlard


We pick up right where we left off last month with Carl finishing his conversation with an incarcerated Negan.


Negan seems a little shocked that Carl still wants to kill him and tells Carl he thought they were friends.  Carl leaves and Negan sulks in his cell, seemingly actually disappointed.


Meanwhile, Rick and Eugene are having a man to man talk about Eugene's love interest Rosita.  Eugene, despite having become one of Alexandria's most important people still feels he's not good enough for Rosita.  Eugene admits he has self-worth issues to Rick and doesn't think he's good enough for Rosita.  Eugene is also smart enough to realize that he may be sabotaging himself.  Rick agrees and tells him that they'll talk about it later.

While Eugene and Rick are having a pleasant chat, Andrea is having an interview with Magna, the new survivor from last issue.


Andrea wants to know the specifics of Magna and her groups' life in the wild.  Magna isn't sure how to respond, but Andrea assures her it's only to help make Alexandria a safer place and they may be able to use her techniques.  Magna and Andrea volley around the issue of trust, with Andrea saying they're heading down the long winding trail of trusting the newcomers.  Magna seems agitated asking Andrea about the trust that they've already put into the community, but Andrea reminds her that it's better than being out in the wild.  Andrea lets Magna know she'll just as easily show her the gates if she's not happy with the arrangements.

Magna finally relents and tells Andrea her story.  Magna was from Richmond, Virginia but made it to a retirement home after getting to Washington and finding it walled off.  Magna tells Andrea about her former home and that the group left seven months ago.


The line of questioning gets heavier when Andrea asks how many of her group died and how.  Magna reluctantly tells Andrea about the lost members and continues by telling her they didn't run into any living people in their seven months in the wild.

Leaving the ladies, we catch up with Carl and his friend Josh.  Rick's celebrity in the world is brought into focus with Josh wanting to see Rick's room.  Carl isn't having any of it and takes Josh to his room where he plans to show him something.


We find out that Carl is actually a talented at whittling as he shows Josh his shelf.  Josh thinks Carl's carvings are, "Fucking awesome", but Carl thinks that people will be more impressed with his spears and swords where he gets to be a blacksmith.  The two friends barter and end up trading a wooden unicorn for a hooded sweatshirt.

Picking back up with Rick and Eugene, the two are touring the mill and enjoying the smell of fresh bread.  While at the mill, they run into Mikey, who's hoping that one day he can run the place by himself.  His other hope is that he'll make his dad proud, which Rick assures him he is.


Out in the wild, we have two riders looking to capture some horses.  Unfortunately for them, they run head first into zombies, taking a spill in the process.


One of the riders, Ken, ends up getting caught under his horse and stalked by a zombie.  Ken tries to move the horse off him but is out of luck, until his partner saves his butt with a sword through the zombies head.  Ken says that his leg's broken and his partner tells him he should be more worried about what Maggie will do to him.

Eugene comes home from his tour with Rick and finds a simple note from Rosita.


Rick is on the way home and runs into Carl who's still upset he's not helping out.  Rick tells him not to use up his strength because he'll need it for tomorrow, when Carl asks what happens tomorrow, Rick tells him he's going to the Hilltop.


We return to Magna's group who are a little on edge about the idyllic place they've found.  Magna isn't real happy they haven't gotten their weapons back and Luke doesn't believe Alexandria is the sanctuary Rick portrays it be.  Magna ends the issue by telling her group about her plans.


So this issue wasn't as action packed as the last few issues, but how much can we expect after the action packed six months we just had?  The issues with Rosita and Eugene seem to be pretty interesting.  Not to toot my own horn too much, but I had figured Eugene would be playing a larger role in the series and I'm glad.  We really didn't see a lot of development with Carl and Negan, which I was a little disappointed in, but I think that's a long term story. Negan seeming genuinely disappointed that Carl still wanted to kill him and the dynamic between the two was really interesting. I can't wait to see where that's going.

I think the biggest point of the issue is Magna's group thinking Alexandria is too good to be true.  I don't think I have to remind any long time Walking Dead readers, but this has huge ties to how Rick and his group felt when the first arrived in Alexandria so many issues ago.  Magna reminded me of a female Rick last issue and I'm curious to find out how she reacts when she finds out about the other communities, the war, and Negan.  Will she want to get close with Rick?  Will any of her group upset the balance of power? Only time will tell.

Jared Cornelius is some guy from New Jersey's coast who's a little drunk and fried from a tough class so he doesn't care if there are typos in the article.  If you'd like to point them out, contact him @John_Laryngitis on Twitter.

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