Wednesday Trending Topics: Banner Ads On Comic Book Covers

Wednesday Trending Topics: Banner Ads On Comic Book CoversAs Rich said earlier today, that Strange Adventures cover does look a bit strange as printed, and not for the intended adventurous reason.  Of course, this is not the first time advertising or marketing has appeared on the front cover of a comic book. Since Paul Pope is a Kirby fan, and since I'll use any excuse to bring Kirby into these little nightly intros, the first thing that popped into my head when I read this story was the Simon & Kirby Win A Prize cover at right — another rather prominent example of the sometimes jarring juxtaposition between art and commerce in comic books.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Vertigo's Strange Adventures Cover Just Looks Weird

See the difference? Yes, that's right, logo, publisher logo, price, credits, cover text and… a massive Green Lantern ad slapped on the top.

Preview: X-Men: Schism #1

Here's a preview of Marvel's upcoming X-event, Schism by Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco from July. Which side are you on… this time?

Wednesday Comic Reviews: All The Bloody Green Lantern Comics

It used to be an observed comics publishing maxim, that you spread the comics you publish through the month. That certain buyers have a fixed amount they spent each week, regardless of what comes in, and that concentrating too much in one week may see them leave books they'd otherwise buy on the shelf, once they'd reached their weekly limit. Or in a light week, experiment with titles from other publishers that they may suddenly prefer to your own.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

That Big Spoiler Cameo Scene In The Middle Of X-Men: First Class (SPOILERS)

There is a scene in X-Men First Class that is so surprising, funny and quite, quite brilliant, that everyone we spoke to at the preview last night decided we should keep secret.

Why The Kick-Ass 2 Movie Probably Won't Ever Happen

Speaking to Vaughn on Sunday, the subject of Kick-Ass, and its potential sequel, was pretty much guaranteed to come up. I've seen a lot of crowing about how a follow-up film is already in the works, possibly even greenlit, and some of it from Mark Millar himself, but I knew better than to believe it. According to Vaughn, we might even do as well to forget about the prospect entirely, and with good reason:

Green Lantern Movie Still Of The Guardians

From the new Green Lantern comic book, out today. Two Guardians of Oa , sitting within the Planetary Citadel. The film will feature Guardians including Ganthet, Sayd, Appa, Scar and more, designed by Grant Major.

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Wednesday Trending Topics: Banner Ads On Comic Book Covers

Wednesday Trending Topics: Banner Ads On Comic Book Covers

Wednesday Trending Topics: Banner Ads On Comic Book Covers

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