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Paul Pope has issued an update on the latest with his two big comic book series THB and Battling Boy, currently being published by First Second He posts "As of last week, all 1000+ pages of THB have been delivered to :01 I am still working on Battling Boy vol 2 More news on both[...]
Thank FOC It's 3rd of September 2022
But was his decision too hasty? Only when his conscience -in the form of the Invisible Man – makes him realize that his friends simply wanted to spend more time together does he see the error of his ways." The Golem Of Venice Beach Part One by Chanan Beizer, Vanessa Cardinali, Bill Sienkiewicz, Nick Pitarra, Michael[...]
The Golem of Venice Beach
Bissette, Jae Lee, Nick Pitarra, Paul Pope, Bill Sienkiewicz and Clem Robins are teaming up with artist Vanessa Cardinali and writer Chanan Beizer for the new graphic novel, The Golem of Venice Beach from Clover Press, which has just launched on Kickstarter, but has already received $35,000 against a $20,000 goal.  And here, for Bleeding[...]
Auto Draft
Perhaps you're an artist first person? The bundle also contains works from rising star Daniel Warren Johnson (The Ghost Fleet), Eisner-winning artist Paul Pope (Heavy Liquid), and cover artist extraordinaire doing interior pages Jen Bartel (Blackbird). If you like crime stories, it's difficult to go wrong here with this Humble Bundle There's five volumes of the[...]
Paul Pope's Heavy Liquid Gets 20th-Anniversary Edition at Image in June
Image Comics has announced that they will publish a 20th-anniversary trade paperback collection of Paul Pope's Heavy Liquid, collecting the sci-fy/cyberpunk series' five issues into one tome with remastered colors We can barely remember what we had for breakfast this morning, so you can't expect us to tell you anything about a 20-year-old comic book,[...]
Paul Pope Covered Lone Wolf And Cub Criterion Blu-Ray Box Set Wandering To The UK
The Criterion Collection have produced 2K restorations of the original 6 live action films to be released on March 27th 2017 in the UK (amazon link), which seem to have been previously released in the states. Here's Paul Pope's art for the box set: The films, based on (writer) Kazuo Koike and (artist) Goseki Kojima's manga of the same name about Ogami[...]
The Tipping Point From John Cassaday, Paul Pope, Eddie Campbell And More Launches This Weekend
The cover is by Enki Bilal. The creators are Naoki Urasawa, John Cassaday, Boulet, Bastien Vivès, Bob Fingerman, Katsuya Terada, Frederik Peeters, Emmanuel Lepage, Taiyō Matsumoto, Paul Pope, Atsushi Kaneko, Keiichi Koike, Eddie Campbell, each writing and drawing their stories. And each story based on the concept of "the tipping point", the moment that turns inaction into action. Published by[...]
Paul Pope, Roy Allan Martinez and Felix Ruiz Cover Heroes For Titan
Titan has released the covers for both Heroes: Godsend #2 by Roy Allan Martinez and Felix Ruiz and the Heroes: Vengeance trade cover by Paul Pope.   HEROES: GODSEND #2 Writer: Joey Falco Artist: Roy Allan Martinez Cover A: Roy Allan Martinez Cover B: Felix Ruiz On Sale Date: April 6, 2016 Farah's work at Primatech brings her into a clash with HRG and[...]
A Love Letter From Creators: Preview A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz Out This Week
Garrity, Melanie Gillman, Zac Gorman, Jimmy Gownley, Matt Groening, Dan Hipp, Keith Knight, Mike Kunkel, Roger Langridge, Jeff Lemire, Jonathan Lemon, Patrick McDonnell, Tony Millionaire, Caleb Monroe, Terry Moore, Dustin Nguyen, Molly Ostertag, Lincoln Peirce, Paul Pope, Hilary Price, Liz Prince, Stan Sakai, Chris Schweizer, Ryan Sook, Jeremy Sorese, Raina Telgemeier, Richard Thompson, Tom Tomorrow,[...]
Battling Boy Taps Academy Award Winner Patrick Osborne To Direct
Plan B Entertainment, Brad Pitt's production company, has picked Patrick Osborne to direct their upcoming adaptation of Paul Pope's graphic novel Battling Boy Osborne won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film this year for Feast He's also worked on full-length animated features such as Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, The Polar Express and Big Hero 6. As[...]
SDCC '15: Larry Hama Returns To G.I. Joe In 8-Part Bi-Weekly Event
It will also have covers by Paul Pope, Francesco Francavilla, Stephen Mooney and Phil Jimenez. The 8-part COBRA WORLD ORDER starts here and will continue in the following months' now bi-weekly G.I JOE: ARAH. This October, the man who started it all returns as Larry Hama picks up the reins of G.I Joe for an 8-part[...]
NYCC: Four Essential Booths to Visit
In the printed work, we work to make that stuff invisible – in the artist edition, they work to reveal [it]." Z2 Comics (570) – Josh Frankel on Paul Pope's Escapo and Dean Haspiel's Fear My Dear: "Z2 Comics is a premier graphic novel imprint We publish fine quality graphic novels and comics Our first two books[...]
NYCC: Coffee Talk With Monsters And Dragons
Stine, Caitlin Kittredge, Lou Anders, Barry Lyga, Paul Pope, Ethan Reid, and Ransom Riggs I wasn't really sure what to expect with this panel The description talked about writers talking about their monsters Since I'm a writer, that was good enough for me. I will say one thing, there's nothing that makes me happier than being[...]
Before Battling Boy, Aurora West Took Flight
By Cameron Hatheway Paul Pope's Eisner award-winning Battling Boy garnered heaps of acclaim last year, and with good reason The story of the son of a god saving a city ripe with criminals and monsters was action-packed and memorable, captivating readers with Pope's dynamic style and storytelling While he's hard at work on the second Battling[...]
When Things Got Naked At Locust Moon Comics Signing On Friday
Locust Moon Comics in Philadelphia held a mega signing on Friday night to host Paul Pope, Dean Haspiel, and Tom Scioli  with some live comix performances in honor of their works Escapo, Fear, My Dear, and Transformers Vs G.I Joe respectively Then things went…interesting when cooling off for the summer took on a whole new[...]
Things To Do In New York And Philadelphia In July If You Like Comics (UPDATE)
in a signing of Superman #32 from 6-8PM to celebrate his work for DC Comics, and a number of incentive covers will be available for signing on that say. Friday, July 18th Locust Moon Comics at 34 South 40th Street in Philadelphia will host a mega-signing in "An Evening with Paul Pope, Dean Haspiel, and Tom Scioli"[...]
Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
Featuring artist and tent-show conceptualist Jason Robert Bell with comicbook writer and pop lecturer Adam McGovern, it's a panopticon of staged conversation, video, cosplay and hallucination you can take all your ancestors to!" Wednesday, June 18th Forbidden Planet at 832 Broadway in New York will host a signing by Dean Haspiel, Chris Miskiewicz, Nick Bertozzi, Paul Pope, and[...]
Full Artist Lineup For Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con International: San Diego Includes Paul Pope
Here's the full artistic list for the Harley Quinn Invades Comic Con International: San Diego issue, out next month. Amanda Conner, Marco Failla, Javier Garron, Dave Johnson, Paul Pope, Stephane Roux, Damion Scott, Rob Campanella and John Timms. That's right folks, Paul Pope drawing Harley Quinn Next stop, Kamandi? In this issue, written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and[...]
Things To Do in New York This Week If You Like Comics
They say: Come celebrate the release of So What? Press' spring line of books at Desert Island on Thursday, April 17th, 7:00 pm! This includes: "Invisible Wounds" by Jess Ruliffson, "Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: It Came from the Gowanus Canal" by Dave Kelly & Molly Knox Ostertag, and "Tales of the Night Watchman: Staycation[...]
Watch Paul Pope Talk About The Return Of Escapo
Paul Pope's 1999 Escapo is getting new life from Z2 Comics. Gritty, poetic and fast-paced, ESCAPO follows the adventures of a circus escape artist who struggles to evade Death itself – and the equally powerful grip of unrequited love. This time the book will be published in full-color (by Shay Plummer) and include 50+ pages of bonus content[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Angouleme: A Special With Paul Pope And Friends (Part 2)
By Chris Thompson [audio:] Following on from last week's Angoulême special with Joe Keatinge & friends (which you can still listen to here) – this week I conclude my report from the 41st Festival International de la Bande Dessinée in Angoulême with Paul Pope, Natalie Nourigat & Nicholas Hitori De! First up, I chat with the talented Natalie[...]
Paul Pope's Escapo Is Coming – Heralded By A Dean Haspiel Pin-Up
Z2 Comics (formerly Zip Comics and publisher of Harvey Pekar's Cleveland) is cranking into high gear this Spring with the release of two new graphic novels: both Paul Pope's Escapo and Dean Haspiel's Fear My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience Escapo is coming in April and is currently in Previews, and is based on the[...]