Review Of Batman V Superman Theme In March's Geek Fuel Box

This months Geek Fuel subscription box goes above and beyond with some really awesome merchandise. The theme? Batman V Superman, and I must say that the t-shirt alone is worth the price. They call it "Vision of Justice," and you'll see the epic eye contact in the photo below. I was also super jazzed to get a copy of Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir by Peter David and Stan Lee. That alone is a $25 value. However, it does kind of break up the theme…

None the less, you get a nice balance of Geek Fuel, which is most definitely the point. That Link poster is a limited edition print, which is perfect for fans of Legend of Zelda. 


I'm always happy to get another Funko product, and I lucked out by getting Wonder Woman from the Batman V Superman Mystery Minis. It's always hit or miss with those things. So, it's been about six plus months of receiving the Geek Fuel box, and over time I have realized that they are really stepping up their game. What originally drew me to the box was the incentive of getting a custom t-shirt every month. I found the uniqueness of the designs to be top notch. In the beginning, the rest of what was included in the box would combine a few really cool things with some other useless stuff. Now, I feel pretty great about everything that's in the box. Geek Fuel appears to be growing and I'll happily continue to support them.



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